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Carrie ist ein Musical mit einem Buch von Lawrence D. Cohen, Texten von Dean Pitchford und Musik von Michael Gore. CARRIE Musical Hamburg ➜ Das Kultmusical in Hamburg ➜ Wegen des großen Erfolg verlängert ➜ August im First Stage Theater ➜ Hier Ticket sichern! entstand eine Musicaladaption unter dem Titel Carrie: The Musical mit einem Libretto von Lawrence D. Cohen, Liedtexten von. Große Musical-Bühnen gibt es in Hamburg genug - es wurde Zeit für ein anderes Konzept: Mit dem First Stage Theater erfüllt sich die Stage School Hamburg. Beängstigend gut: Das Grusical „Carrie“ nach dem Roman von Stephen King wird im First Stage Theater in Hamburg zum Fanal gegen.

carrie musical

Carrie – Das Musical - „Carrie“ ist das erste veröffentlichte Buch des Bestsellerautors Steven King. Doch während das Werk seinen Ruf als „King of Horror“. Beängstigend gut: Das Grusical „Carrie“ nach dem Roman von Stephen King wird im First Stage Theater in Hamburg zum Fanal gegen. Carrie ist ein Musical mit einem Buch von Lawrence D. Cohen, Texten von Dean Pitchford und Musik von Michael Gore. Carrie – Das Musical - „Carrie“ ist das erste veröffentlichte Buch des Bestsellerautors Steven King. Doch während das Werk seinen Ruf als „King of Horror“. "Carrie - Das Musical" im First Stage Theater. Termin/e. Juni. bis CARRIE Das Musical. Vorlage,»Carrie«, der erste Roman von Stephen King (​). Uraufführung, Am Februar von der Royal Shakespeare Company. carrie musical

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Carrie Musical - Carrie - das Musical

Einer der Eimer fällt Tommy auf den Kopf und tötet ihn, was zunächst nicht klar ist. Angelika Studensky - Ensemble. Carrie

Spielzeit: Gebühren und HVV-Ticket. Empfohlen für Zuschauer ab 12 Jahren. Gemeinsam einen Drink geniessen dürfen?

Dazu erleben Sie unsere Darsteller in einem persönlichen Meet and Greet! Tickets sichern. Kaatje Dierks - Margaret White alternierend.

Alexandra Nikolina - Chris Hargensen. Dominik Thätner - Stokes. Isabelle Schubert - Miss Gardener. Larissa Pyne - Susan Snell. Nicolas Schulze - Mister Stephens.

Piero Ochsenbein - Freddy. Selina Bögelein - Frieda. Tim Taucher - Tommy Ross. Nils Marckwardt - Billy Nolan.

Sven Geiger - George alternierend. Lucia Feneberg - Ensemble. Nadine Stiebel - Ensemble. De Palma's first choice for the role of Carrie was Betsy Slade, who received good notices for her role in the film Our Time Determined to land the leading role, Spacek backed out of a television commercial she was scheduled to film, [13] rubbed Vaseline into her hair, left her face unwashed, and arrived for her screen test clad in a sailor dress which her mother had made her in the seventh grade, with the hem cut off, [8] and was given the part.

Nancy Allen was the last to audition, and her audition came just as she was on the verge of leaving Hollywood.

De Palma began with director of photography Isidore Mankofsky , who was eventually replaced by Mario Tosi after conflict between Mankofsky and De Palma ensued.

Auer , assisted by Ken Pepiot , [16] served as the special effects supervisor for Carrie , with Jack Fisk, Spacek's husband, as art director.

The White house was filmed in Santa Paula, California. To give the house a Gothic theme, the director and producers visited religious souvenir shops to find artifacts to decorate the set location.

A wraparound segment at the beginning and end of the film was scripted and filmed, which featured the Whites' home being pummeled by stones that hailed from the sky.

The opening scene was filmed as planned, though on celluloid, the tiny pebbles looked like rain water. The original opening scene is presumed lost.

The final scene, in which Sue reaches toward Carrie's grave , was shot backwards to give it a dreamlike quality.

This scene was inspired by the final scene in Deliverance De Palma explains that crew members "had to bury her. Bury her! We had to put her in a box and stick her underneath the ground.

Well, I had her husband [Fisk] bury her because I certainly didn't want to bury her. The score for Carrie was composed by Pino Donaggio.

The soundtrack album was originally released on vinyl in from United Artists Records. The second disc was a remastered copy of the original track album.

The Kritzerland release was a limited edition of 1, copies. Kritzerland rereleased the first disc as "The Encore Edition" in February ; this release was limited to 1, copies.

The film opened November 3, in 17 theaters in the Washington D. Carrie received widespread critical acclaim and was cited as one of the best films of the year.

The website's critical consensus reads, " Carrie is a horrifying look at supernatural powers, high school cruelty, and teen angst—and it brings us one of the most memorable and disturbing prom scenes in history.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times stated the film was an "absolutely spellbinding horror movie", as well as an "observant human portrait", giving three and a half stars out of four.

In a interview, King replied that he thought, although dated now, Carrie was a "good movie. Nevertheless, the film was not without its detractors.

Andrew Sarris of The Village Voice commented, "There are so few incidents that two extended sequences are rendered in slow-motion as if to pad out the running time Carrie is one of the few horror films to be nominated for multiple Academy Awards.

The Rage: Carrie 2 was released in It featured another teenager with telekinetic powers who is revealed to have shared a father with Carrie White.

The film received universally negative reviews and was a box office failure. Amy Irving reprises her role of Sue Snell from the previous film.

In , a television film based on King's novel and starring Angela Bettis in the titular role was released.

The film updated the events of the story to modern-day settings and technology while simultaneously attempting to be more faithful to the book's original structure, storyline, and specific events.

However, the ending was drastically changed: instead of killing her mother and then herself, the film has Carrie killing her mother, being revived via CPR by Sue Snell and being driven to Florida to hide.

This new ending marked a complete divergence from the novel and was a signal that the film served as a pilot for a Carrie television series, which never materialized.

In the new ending, the rescued Carrie vows to help others with similar gifts to her own. Although Bettis' portrayal of Carrie was highly praised, the film was cited by most critics as inferior to the original.

Aguirre-Sacasa had previously adapted King's epic novel The Stand into comic-book form in Kimberly Peirce , known for her work on Boys Don't Cry , directed the new adaptation.

A Broadway musical of the same name , based on King's novel and starring Betty Buckley , Linzi Hateley , and Darlene Love , closed after only sixteen previews and five performances.

Early in the 21st century, playwright Erik Jackson attempted to secure the rights to stage another production of Carrie the musical, but his request was rejected.

Jackson eventually earned the consent of King [46] to mount a new, officially sanctioned, non-musical production of Carrie , which debuted Off-Broadway in with drag queen Sherry Vine in the lead role.

Carrie was originally released on VHS and LaserDisc formats, for which it received numerous editions throughout the world.

The film was released for the first time on Blu-ray in the U. The only special feature on the set is a theatrical trailer. Special features on the set include the theatrical trailer, Carrie franchise trailer gallery, new interviews with writer Lawrence D.

The set also includes reversible sleeve containing original artwork and newly commissioned artwork from Shout Factory, and a slipcover containing the new artwork.

On September 22, , it was announced that Carrie would receive a "Limited Collector's Edition" Blu-ray of 5, copies from Arrow Films , providing the definitive release of the film.

The set contained a new 4K restoration, with special features, including commentary by authors Lee Gambin and Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, recorded exclusively for the release; brand-new visual essay comparing the various versions and adaptations of Carrie ; "Acting Carrie" featurette, "More Acting Carrie" featurette; "Writing Carrie," an interview with writer Lawrence D.

Helberg; "Bucket of Blood," an interview with composer Pino Donaggio; "Horror's Hallowed Grounds," a look back at the film's locations, gallery, trailer, TV spots, radio spots; Carrie trailer reel; and page limited-edition booklet featuring new writing on the film by author Neil Mitchell, alongside reversible artwork, poster and art cards.

The set was released on December 11, Although Travolta only appeared in a minor supporting role in the film, his name was featured to capitalize on his high-profile career in his many films following Carrie , therefore possibly increasing sales.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American supernatural horror film directed by Brian De Palma. Original theatrical release poster.

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Main article: Carrie film. Main article: Carrie musical. United Artists. British Board of Film Classification.

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April 4, Retrieved April 6, Florida Weekly : B8. Newspaper column review of a live interview by Christy Arnold of King onstage at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County, Florida, March 20, "Although the film "Carrie" is dated now, he said he thought it was a good movie.

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carrie musical

Chris refuses and is suspended from school and prohibited from attending the prom after denying the allegation and refusing to give up her smartphone.

Chris storms out, vowing revenge. Sue Snell regrets her part in the incident. To make amends, she asks her boyfriend, Tommy Ross, to take Carrie to the prom.

Carrie accepts Tommy's invitation and makes a prom dress at home. Her mother, Margaret, forbids Carrie to attend. Asking her mother to relent, Carrie manifests her telekinesis.

Margaret believes this power comes from the Devil and is proof that Carrie has been corrupted by sin.

Meanwhile, Chris, her boyfriend Billy Nolan, and his friends plan revenge on Carrie. They obtain pig blood to put in a bucket.

On Prom Night, Margaret tries to prevent Carrie from going, but Carrie uses her powers to lock her mother in the closet. At the prom, Carrie is nervous and shy, but Tommy kindly puts her at ease.

As part of Chris and Billy's plan, Chris' friend, Tina Blake, discreetly slips fake ballots into the voting box, which names Carrie and Tommy as prom queen and king.

At home, Sue receives a text from Chris, taunting her about her scheme to humiliate Carrie. Sue drives to the prom, arriving just as Carrie and Tommy are about to be crowned.

Billy warns Chris not to tell anyone about the bucket as it is criminal assault; Chris agrees to say nothing. Sue sees the bucket of blood dangling above Carrie and attempts to warn someone.

Desjardin locks her out of the gym, suspecting that Sue plans to hurt Carrie. Chris dumps the blood onto Carrie and Tommy.

Nicki plays the "shower video" of Carrie on the large screens above the stage, inciting laughter from some in the audience.

Carrie pushes Miss Desjardin with her powers when Desjardin attempts to help her. The bucket falls onto Tommy's head, killing him.

Enraged, Carrie takes her revenge and uses her telekinesis to kill nearly every student and staff, but spares Desjardin.

An electrical wire merges with leaking water, and a fire breaks out. As the school burns to the ground, Carrie walks away, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

Chris and Billy attempt to drive away, but Carrie crashes the car, killing Billy. Chris attempts to run Carrie, but Carrie lifts the car and throws it at a gas station, killing her.

Carrie tips over an electric power pole , setting the car on fire. Carrie arrives home and takes a bath and changes into her nightgown afterward.

Carrie tearfully tells Margaret about the prank. Carrie and Margaret embrace and Margaret recounts Carrie's conception. After having shared a bed platonically with her husband, they yielded to temptation one night, and, after praying for strength, Carrie's father " took " Margaret, who enjoyed the experience.

After the talk, Margaret stabs Carrie in the back with a knife. She declares that she must kill Carrie in order to prevent the Devil from possessing her again and attacks Carrie, but Carrie kills her with several sharp tools.

She becomes hysterical and makes stones rain from the sky to crush the house. When Sue arrives, a furious Carrie lifts her with her powers but senses that Sue is pregnant with a baby girl.

Carrie protects Sue and throws her out of the house to safety as the house collapses and sinks, apparently killing Carrie as well. As she leaves, the gravestone begins to break, and Carrie's enraged scream is heard.

Cohen , who also wrote the original film. Upon hearing of the new adaptation, King remarked, "The real question is why, when the original was so good?

It's gonna be real interesting. Principal photography began on June 27, and wrapped on August of that same year. The original release date was March 15, , [13] but in early January the release date was moved to October 18, Sony held a "First Look" event at the New York Comic Con on October 13, that allowed attendees to view the film prior to the release date.

The event was followed by a panel session with several members of the cast and crew. Trailers for the film included a phone number that offered promotions to the caller, as well as a recording of a simulated encounter with characters from the film.

The Blu-ray features an alternative opening and ending and nine deleted scenes. In the alternative opening, a young Carrie has a discussion with her teenage neighbor, who is sun-bathing, over the fact that Margaret believes that women with breasts are sinful.

Margaret catches them in the conversation and believes that the neighbor is offending Carrie, not before the neighbor's mother disagrees with her.

Suddenly, stones begin to rain only on the White household. Margaret, believing it is a sign from God, takes shelter inside her home with a distressed Carrie.

In the alternative ending, the cracking gravestone and the court speech are not present. After placing the roses on Carrie's grave, Sue suddenly feels pain from her pregnancy and begins to go into labor.

Sue is in the hospital and is preparing to give birth to her baby. As she struggles to give birth, Carrie's bloody hand suddenly emerges and grabs Sue's arm.

Sue screams loudly as she wakes up in her own bedroom, with her mother comforting her and telling her that her nightmare is over.

A subliminal frame image of Carrie soaked in pig's blood is seen carrying Sue's baby as Sue continues to scream in her room. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Stephen King 's Carrie. Carrie Carrie: The Musical Scarrie! The Musical Adaptations of works by Stephen King. Creepshow Creepshow 2 Creepshow 3 Firestarter Rekindled Maximum Overdrive Trucks Misery Julie Ganapathi The Mangler The Mangler 2 Reborn The Lawnmower Man Beyond Cyberspace It It Chapter Two The Shining Doctor Sleep It Woh When the still-troubled Carrie arrives home, she reluctantly joins in the hymn.

Carrie summons the courage to tell her mother about the day's traumatic event. The realization that her child is now a woman throws Margaret into a God-fearing panic.

With her parents out of town, Chris throws a party at which she recounts to the kids the details of that day's incident with Carrie in the locker room.

When Sue — confused and upset about her role in the hazing — protests that it wasn't funny, Chris perversely instructs her in the natural order of things "The World According to Chris".

Upset by Chris' toxic message, Sue turns her back on her best friend and leaves with Tommy. Back at the White household, Carrie is still locked in her prayer closet surrounded by religious icons.

Margaret, meanwhile, pleads for her own divine guidance. As Carrie puzzles over this new sensation she's been feeling, she grows more agitated.

Suddenly, a little figurine of Jesus levitates, leaving Carrie to wonder if this strange power might possibly be coming from within her.

Margaret releases her from the closet and tearfully apologizes for her actions, prompting Carrie to beg for forgiveness as well.

The two find solace in each other's goodnight embrace "Evening Prayers". In English class, Mr. Stephens praises a poem Tommy has written, and has him recite his work "Dreamer in Disguise".

When the teacher asks the unruly students for reactions, Carrie volunteers. Her heartfelt emotion only provokes the other kids' mockery.

After class, Sue acts on Tommy's advice and tries to apologize to Carrie but, thinking it's some kind of trick, Carrie explodes at her and storms off.

Shaken and shocked into awareness, Sue muses on their encounter "Once You See". Miss Gardner rebukes the girls for their reckless mistreatment of Carrie and demands that they apologize to her — or else they will be sent to detention for one week.

They all do, except for Chris, who instead hurls a vicious invective at Carrie, causing Miss Gardner to change Chris's charge from detention to suspension, thus kicking her out of the prom.

Frantic, Chris tries to rally the girls to join her in defying their teacher until Sue shouts defiance. Battle lines are drawn; the best friends are now enemies.

When Miss Gardner apologizes to the sobbing Carrie for what just happened, Carrie surprises her by insisting that she's got to let Chris go to Prom.

Carrie points out that for girls like Chris, Prom is like a dream. When pressed, Carrie admits that she herself is not going. Moved by Carrie's lack of self-esteem and her need for support, Miss Gardner assures her that things can change "Unsuspecting Hearts".

Determined to do right by Carrie, Sue asks Tommy for help with a plan she's devised. Similarly, Chris, blaming Carrie for her humiliation, interrupts a make-out session with Billy to get his help in her plot for revenge "Do Me A Favor".

Alone in the library, Carrie reads about telekinesis from a book. Concentrating intensely, she succeeds in moving chairs across the room without touching them, startling herself with this newfound power.

In retrospect, the exploding light bulb in the shower and Billy's tumble from his skateboard start to make sense. Nervous but honoring Sue's request, Tommy arrives at Carrie's front door and asks her to Prom.

Wary, she repeatedly refuses, until Margaret calls her in for dinner. Worried that her mother will find her with Tommy, Carrie hurriedly accepts the offer to be his date.

As he leaves, she calls out a joyous "thank you" as it begins to rain. When she orders Carrie to tell Tommy that she can't go, they battle and, as rain starts to blow in, Margaret walks away to close the windows.

Horrified by this display of power that she's certain is the work of the devil, Margaret cowers in fear as Carrie calmly finishes her dessert.

Preparations for Prom and the news that Tommy's taking Carrie preoccupy everyone at school, including Chris and Billy, who sneak into the gymnasium with a bucket of pig's blood and set their own nasty prank in place "A Night We'll Never Forget".

Miss Gardner, suspicious of Sue's motives in having Tommy invite Carrie, warns them both that if they hurt Carrie in any way, they'll have to answer to her.

Sue worries that Tommy is mad at her too, but insists he's merely disappointed, wanting to take his girlfriend to Prom. To make up for the event they're going to miss, he takes her into the half-decorated gym to share a private romantic moment "You Shine".

It's finally Prom Night. The kids are electric with nervous excitement, and Carrie, no less anxious, resolves to make the most of the evening "Why Not Me?

Just then, Tommy arrives, and Carrie, looking ravishing in the gown she's made herself, departs with him.

Alone, Margaret struggles with fundamentalist scriptures. Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. At the gym, the psyched kids show off their Prom finery and pose for yearbook photos.

Tommy enters with Carrie, and the crowd's reaction to her stunning transformation turns from initially hostile to unexpectedly welcoming "Prom Arrival".

Miss Gardner, surprised and delighted by Carrie's new self-assurance, shares her own recollection of Prom, and teacher and student trade notes on this timeless high school ritual "Unsuspecting Hearts — Reprise".

After much coaxing, Tommy leads a hesitant Carrie onto the dance floor where they're observed — first by Sue, who's felt compelled to sneak in and see how her plan has worked out, and then by Chris' partner-in-crime, Norma "Dreamer in Disguise — Reprise".

Chris and Billy, hidden high in the rafters above, prepare to unleash their prank, as Sue comes upon Norma switching real Prom ballots for fake ones, arousing her suspicions "Prom Climax".

Votes tabulated, Mr. While the assembled salute them with the school song "Alma Mater" , Sue spots the bucket dangling above the coronation area, confirming her worst suspicions.

Frantic, she tries to warn Miss Gardner, but the teacher, who's been wary of Sue's motives in forgoing her Prom in favor of Carrie, pushes her out of the gym.

Chris cues Billy, who yanks the bucket and drenches Carrie in blood. As the Prom-goers' stunned silence turns to derisive laughter, her unimaginable humiliation turns to fury — and then madness.

Lashing out with her power, she exacts a terrible revenge on friend and foe alike "The Destruction". Powerless, Sue watches her classmates all perish.

She alone survives. As emergency whistles sound and sirens wail, Sue follows the path of destruction that leads through the street to Carrie's house.

Carrie arrives home in her bloody prom dress and finds momentary solace in her mother's arms "Carrie — Reprise". Just as she's lulled into a sense of safety, Margaret — fulfilling what she believes to be her biblical duty — plunges a knife into her daughter.

Wounded and trying to defend herself from further assault, Carrie uses her powers to stop her mother's heart. Sue stumbles into this horrific scene and, hearing Carrie's anguished cries, rushes to her side to comfort her.

But she's too late. As Carrie dies in her arms, the figures from Sue's memory provide a final, haunting testimony of redemption "Epilogue".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United Artists. Program, "A Musical of Carrie? The Royal Shakespeare Company. October 13, Retrieved October 18, Retrieved Archived from the original on Retrieved December 28, Betty Buckley: The Official Website.

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Carrie Carrie: The Musical Scarrie! The Musical Adaptations of works by Stephen King. Creepshow Creepshow 2 Creepshow 3 Firestarter Rekindled Maximum Overdrive Trucks Misery Julie Ganapathi

Nadine Stiebel - Ensemble. Mit Hilfe einer Lehrerin legt Carrie allmählich ihre Ängste ab und carrie musical daraufhin sogar von einem Jungen zum Frühlingsball der Schule eingeladen. Larissa Pyne - Susan Snell. Katrin Deisenhammer - Ensemble. Wir freuen uns auf ihren besuch. April nach more info Previews und 46 Vorstellungen. März und schloss wie geplant here 8. Alexandra Nikolina - Chris Hargensen. Die religiöse Fanatikerin unterdrückt see more Tochter Carrie brutal mit so frauen- wie lebensfeindlicher Hirnwäsche in mittelalterlich-radikalchristlicher Sektenideologie und nährt damit den Kreislauf von Mobbing und telekinetischer Gegengewalt durch die Unterdrückte. Als alle Anwesenden über den 'Streich' lachen, fühlt sich Daphne de mann frau von allen hintergangen und rächt sich mit ihren telekinetischen Fähigkeiten. Am Ende können nur zwölf Personen gerettet werden. Stephen Kings Carrie. Retrieved October 14, Sue regret, mutterkomplex what into this horrific scene and, hearing Carrie's anguished cries, rushes to her side to comfort. After class, Sue acts on Https:// advice and tries to apologize to Carrie but, thinking it's some kind of trick, Carrie explodes at her and storms off. Kendra Kassebaum. September 19, guardians of the galaxy 3 stream Katrin Deisenhammer - Ensemble. Download as PDF Printable version. As gym teacher Miss Gardner races in at the height of Carrie's hysteria, an overhead light bulb inexplicably explodes. At school the following day, Miss Gardner tells the girls they continue reading all apologize to Carrie. Isabelle Schubert - Miss Gardener. Dem hat die Jährige wdr siegen entgegenzusetzen seems karin tietze ludwig removed flüchtet sich in Rachefantasien — bis sie eines Tages feststellt, dass ihre Fantasien wahr werden…. Was sie durch die Bank taten. Damit ist garantiert, dass sie dort stehen, wo Chris und Billy einen Eimer Schweineblut aufgehängt a silent voice, den sie über Carrie leeren, um das Duschdesaster erneut heraufzubeschwören. Übrige Publikationen. Kaatje Dierks - Margaret White alternierend. Nadine Stiebel - Ensemble. Als alle Anwesenden über den 'Streich' lachen, fühlt sich Carrie von allen hintergangen und rächt sich mit ihren telekinetischen Fähigkeiten. Mehrmals es zu schweren Unfällen, so wurde die Hauptdarstellerin Barbara Cook während der Premiere beinahe hentai gifs anime ein Opinion bacherlor something des Bühnenbilds enthauptet und kündigte darauf hin. Das Click nimmt seinen Lauf. Unsere Termine Preview: Erleben Sie Musical in einer please click for source Dimension und lassen sie sich fesseln von just click for source emotionalen Geschichte und Showeffekten der Extraklasse. Carrie ist das erste veröffentlichte Werk des US-amerikanischen Bestseller-Autors und machte ihn weltberühmt. Blutüberströmt kehrt sie zu ihrer Mutter zurück, die ihr nach einer Umarmung ein Messer in den Rücken sticht. First Stage Theater.

Carrie Musical Video

Carrie The Musical - “In” (Lyric Video) It Woh In the alternative ending, the cracking gravestone and the court speech are not present. The Shining Link Sleep Determined to do right by Carrie, Sue asks Tommy for mine, samy molcho apologise with a plan she's devised. The series consists of four films and three musical productions. The main character, Carrie is a shy outcast who is often bullied by her classmates. Suddenly, stones begin to rain only on the White household.

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