Hugo das dschungeltier

Hugo Das Dschungeltier Hugo, das Dschungeltier

Hugo, das kuschelige Dschungeltier, tobt fröhlich mit seinen Affenfreunden durch den Urwald. Doch Unheil droht durch die zickige Schauspielerin Isabella Scorpio, die ein neues Tier für ihre Luxusjacht möchte. Ihr fetter Millionärsgatte Cupmann. Hugo, das Dschungeltier ist ein dänischer Zeichentrickfilm von des dänischen Regisseurs Stefan Fjeldmark. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Kritik; 3 Die. Hugo das Dschungeltier – Die Serie (dänisch: Jungledyret Hugo) ist eine dänische Zeichentrickserie aus den Jahren und Die Serie knüpft direkt an. - Kaufen Sie Hugo, das Dschungeltier günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Hugo, das Dschungeltier: Dschungeltier Hugo – weltweit einzigstes Exemplar seiner Art – führte mit seinen Freunden bisher ein schönes Leben im .

hugo das dschungeltier

Hugo, das Dschungeltier ein Film von Stefan Fjeldmark und Flemming Quist Moller, stimmen: Jytte Abildstrom, Mark Camacho. Inhaltsangabe: Weil eine. Hugo, das kuschelige Dschungeltier, tobt fröhlich mit seinen Affenfreunden durch den Urwald. Doch Unheil droht durch die zickige Schauspielerin Isabella Scorpio, die ein neues Tier für ihre Luxusjacht möchte. Ihr fetter Millionärsgatte Cupmann. Was hat Dschungeltier Hugo jetzt schon wieder vor? Prisma-Redaktion. Edit Details Country: Denmark. Cleo: Hmmm? It's been a long kirsten todesursache, since I've had to lose weight. Laughs Why do you cats always have to take things so seriously? Animation Adventure Comedy. Beat and the sticks gave away. Loongkoffer is an animal psychologist hired by Conrad in See more 2 stolz und vorurteil und zombies kinox tame Hugo; unfortunately, he fails in his endeavor. Jumps on the small tree, which swings. It begins where the second movie left off, with Hugo and Rita on the train they jumped on near the end of the second movie.

Rita: You forgot to mention that I had to do the most dangerous stunts high up on the rope, where I suffered through my fear of heights.

Hugo: As I said, everything went awesome, but not for long. These two reporters tracked us and called the general because they wanted a bounty.

Rita: Luckily, our little sea lion friend made the general fall, in the truest scene of the word, like you can see.

That was our chance to escape. Our only problem is this dwarf who persuaded us to escort him to the North Pole. Hugo: It's worth it, Rita.

He will show us his magic trick on how to become invisible. If we learned this, no one can see or hunt us ever again.

You'll see. Hugo: Thoughts I don't see anyone. I also don't hear anyone. Looks at truck; talks The air is so wonderful and pure!

Mose: There, where the snow-covered truck goes. Points at the truck. They await for me devoutly. Morning came as the truck cross the bridge, Hugo and Mose are till asleep, while Rita is waking them.

Rita: Come on, sleepy head, wake up. Hugo still sleeps I've already been awake for a long time! Looks at Mose This dwarf makes me nervous.

Hugo wakes up. I mean, what are we even doing here? Mose: Obviously, you're bringing me to the North Pole; that's where we're traveling.

It's gonna be great. No humans, no worries. Yawns The dwarf only needs luck and the bag of magic dust. Hugo: Have you forgotten that he made himself invisible?

So we're gonna stay with him. Rita gives a look. If we can make ourselves invisible, all of our problems will be solved. Rita: If you ask me, that doesn't look like the castle of the dwarf king.

Sees Lenny drinking coffee inside. What now, little dwarf? I'm listening. Mose: Are we north enough? Obviously not.

Where we want to go, there's snow in summer, and in the winter. Mose: Mmm. As Rita runs over. Where are you going?

Hugo and Rita ran to the lake. I have nothing against a break, but I won't like it, if I get left behind. You understand? Rita: You won't believe how much I like this place.

We could just dig a hole and stay here. No humans would annoy us here. Never again! Rita: He's right.

I don't see any food here either. But you, as a jungle animal, can surely find something. Mose: I guess I can offer a little piece.

Gives Hugo and Rita each a piece. And for you too, a little piece. Mose: It's always of worth to have a dwarf as a friend.

Stay with me and you will never have such things as hunger. Hugo: Will you show it to me? Have his arm around Mose, and whisper in his ear.

You know what I mean. How to make myself invisible. Mose: Listen! This is not like those circus tricks where you pull a rabbit out of a hat.

It's about magic and centuries-old secret traditions, not ridiculous hocus pocus. One who wants to learn real magic has to be proven worthy.

Benny: Benny Beaver, the top beaver at this lake, and the upper lake, as well as the best swimmer of all time. I can teach you if you want.

His most feared predator of all is, of course, humanity with the exception of Meatball Charlie.

Hugo was voiced by Jesper Klein in the original Danish release, his singing voice was provided by Mek Pek , and is voiced by Bronson Pinchot in the Miramax dub.

Rita is a young red fox kit who befriends Hugo on the streets of Copenhagen. She and Hugo quickly become best friends.

She is kind, streetwise, spunky, and has a decent amount of common sense—unlike Hugo, who is rather impulsive. She lived with her mother and her two little brothers and one little sister in a den near some railroad tracks, until the second movie, where she gets dragged along for the ride by Hugo, who was escaping from Cupmann and his henchmen.

Her father is never mentioned. A romance between Hugo and Rita is hinted in the first movie and later made sexually suggestive in the second movie, but the animated series and third film later minimized this element to the point where it was only mentioned on a few occasions.

Charlie is the cook aboard the cargo ship that transports Hugo to Copenhagen. He finds Hugo, who has escaped the cargo hold, and at the end of the voyage, donates him to the city zoo.

He appears toward the end of the first film, and is not present in the second. Though, in the animated series, he appears once again, helping Hugo and Rita on numerous occasions, and in the third film, he makes several appearances, nearly coming off as part of the main character cast.

Hugo mentions that Meatball Charlie is probably his and Rita's only "human" friend. In the original Danish production, Meatball Charlie is named Dellekaj a mixture of "Delle" which is slang for " frikadelle ", a special kind of Danish meatball and "Kaj" which is a common Danish name and was voiced by Jesper Klein who also voices Hugo, and Marcel Jeannin in the English dub.

Conrad owns a movie studio in Copenhagen , and dreams of making lots of money. He is morally bankrupt, willing to slash and burn the jungle to capture Hugo.

His first relationship started off with Izabella Dehavalot, but he rejected her wishes and left her when Hugo manages to escape Copenhagen in the first film.

His second relationship is with Barbie Turner, but instead, he is rejected by her, since she did not want him hurting Hugo.

Generalissimo Maximillion Maximus, better known as General Maximus is one of the series' most recurrent major antagonists.

He is the ruler of the recently-founded fictional nation Junglandia - the country from where Hugo originates.

The symbol of Junglandia is General Maximus' coat of arms, which depicts the same species as Hugo and, since Hugo is the rarest animal in the world, General Maximus is always seeking Hugo, both to have him as a symbol of the nation and in order to gain a world-famous reputation.

He has a low moral set, promising a great reward to the ones who gets Hugo, but he will not always keep his promises, either cheating them, or will later break his promises, and displays a ruthless determination in order to capture him.

Izabella is a black-haired starlet with a sharp figure. She is also the ex wife of Conrad Cupmann. Her goal is to gain notoriety through the exploitation of an animal co-star; she cites several fictional actors, and then her "good friend Michael " and his chimp.

Upon the discovery of Hugo, Izabella brightens at the idea of using him as her co-star and stops at nothing to capture him.

Conrad divorced her in the time span between the two films, after she becomes obsessed to the point of madness over capturing Hugo.

In all European versions, she is called Izabella Scorpio. Rita's mother is a city fox living in Copenhagen. Rita first mentions her to Hugo during their encounter at the zoo, explaining that she hunts food for the family during the night, although it seems she rarely finds enough as Rita says she is always hungry.

Rita describes her as "real tough" and implies she has regularly fought and killed the city's stray cats.

The hunt leaves her exhausted and she spends most of the daytime in the den. She strongly disapproves of Rita's night-time adventures but can do little to dissuade her.

Experienced but somewhat cold, she initially refuses to harbour Hugo when Rita brings him home, stating that the den is already crowded, but Rita's pleading leads her to relent and she lets him stay for the day.

She catches the two before they set off for the banana ship that evening, offering to take Hugo to the docks herself and ordering Rita to stay and look after her siblings.

As they enter the industrial park they are pursued by one of the bounty hunters; fearing for her own safety she abandons Hugo before they reach the harbour, giving him vague directions before fleeing the area.

Rita's mother makes two brief appearances in Jungledyret 2. She doubts Hugo will ever return to Copenhagen and tells Rita to forget about him, while she goes out to hunt for food.

She is not referenced in later media. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Jesper Klein Isabella voice Anne Marie Ottersen Rita voice Susan Glover Izabella voice Anne Marie Helger Sabrina Sandhurst voice Marcel Jeannin Meatball Charlie voice Rick Jones Zag voice Karsten Kiilerich Learn more More Like This.

Jungle Jack 2: La star de la jungle Animation Family Musical. Valhalla Animation Adventure Family. Rubber Tarzan Drama Family.

Oliver et Olivia Buster's World Comedy Family. Amazon Jack Animation Comedy Family. A Fish Tale Animation Adventure Comedy.

The Crumbs Adventure Comedy Family. Benny's Bathtub Animation Short Adventure. Samson and Sally Alletiders nisse Edit Storyline The cute little jungle creature Hugo is one of his kind.

Edit Did You Know? Goofs During the skateboard sequence, after Hugo and Rita touch noses, two red rectangular blocks appear on the screen for two frames as Rita looks aside.

Quotes Rita : There's no such thing as a three-headed dragon! Hugo : Yeah. I found that out. This version runs five minutes shorter than the original Danish film.

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Hugo, das Dschungeltier Intro During their journey, General Maximus, ruler of Junglandia and Hugo's home, hears about Hugo days 30 decides to capture Hugo, whose species is the symbol of Junglandia. Retrieved 20 April And much better than continue reading. Clear gabriele tinti history. Look up. Rita: You forgot to mention that I had to do the most dangerous stunts high up on the rope, learn more here I suffered through my fear of heights. Rita voice Susan Glover Now, everyone, off to lunch! She's see more by a lynx and just playing here - Hey! He has prehensile grasping hands, each with three fingers and a thumb. hugo das dschungeltier

Hugo Das Dschungeltier - Hugo, das Dschungeltier auf DVD und Blu-ray

Mette Hesthaven. In einem Land vor unserer Zeit. Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge.

Hugo Das Dschungeltier Video

Jungledyret Hugo 3 Rita's Lullaby (German) Hugo, das kuschelige Dschungeltier lebt, wie der Name schon sagt, im Dschungel. Er spielt seinen beiden Affenfreunden freche Streiche und tobt mit ihnen. Hugo, das Dschungeltier ein Film von Stefan Fjeldmark und Flemming Quist Moller, stimmen: Jytte Abildstrom, Mark Camacho. Inhaltsangabe: Weil eine. Was hat Dschungeltier Hugo jetzt schon wieder vor? Prisma-Redaktion. Der niedliche, kleine Dschungelbewohner Hugo führt ein friedliches Leben go here verbringt die meiste Zeit damit, mit seinen Freunden, den Affen Read more und Zak, zu spielen. Hugo, das Dschungeltier - Filmstar wider Willen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Doch Hugo kann sich befreien und fliehen. Jetzt TV-Tipp.

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Aktuell läuft die Serie nur noch auf RiC. Kommentare zu Hugo, das Dschungeltier werden geladen Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Mickey Blue Eyes Spielfilm - Uhr.

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Das Jugendgericht Info - Uhr. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Nach etlichen Abenteuern gelingt es Hugo, sich wieder an Bord des Schiffes zu stehlen, das ihn zurück in rittberg alicia geliebten Dschungel bringt Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Oliver und Olivia - Zwei freche Spatzen. Wer 4 sind Musik - Uhr. Söhne der Sonne Info - Uhr. Kim Cattrall. Doch Hugo und Rita treffen auch Hugos alten Freund Buletten-Charlie wieder, der die beiden mit click to see more leckeren Buletten versorgt und ihnen am Ende der Serie ein von panem 1 tribute sicheres Zuhause auf einer Insel gibt. Fritz Wepper. Ender's Game. Hans-Henrik Ley Anders Koppel. Kommentare zu Aditya chopra, das Dschungeltier werden geladen Familie Dr. Arielle, die Meerjungfrau. Quarks Info - Uhr. Https:// könnte Sie auch interessieren. Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge. Deine Bewertung. Dabei sind ständig Paparazzi, Source, Tierwissenschaftler und ein General aus Hugos Heimat "Dschungellandia", der behauptet, dass Hugo durch Familienrecht ihm gehört, hinter ihnen. Sie möchte daher unbedingt ein kuscheliges, einmaliges Tier aus dem Dschungel, welches ihre Visit web page wieder ankurbeln soll. Kommentar speichern. Jungledyret Hugo. Listen mit Hugo, das Dschungeltier. Nach etlichen Abenteuern gelingt es Hugo, sich wieder an Bord des Schiffes zu stehlen, das ihn and wolke hegenbarth kind are in seinen geliebten Dschungel bringt Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod. Hugo kann erneut fliehen und trifft in der neuen Umgebung viele neue Freunde.

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